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About MyUWSAccount

MyUWSAccount is a secure, managed environment for providing a username and password which will provide access to UWS Information Technology (IT) services based on a person's role and their information system needs. Currently IT services are broadly grouped as 'services for staff' and 'services for students'. Where you may have multiple MyUWSAccounts, please ensure you use the appropriate account to access the services you need. The UWS Community will be notified as applications and services are made available under the single point of access provided by MyUWSAccount.

For more information please refer to the MyUWSAccount eligibility rules, terms and conditions available on this website.

To activate your MyUWSAccount you will need to:

  1. Enter your Staff ID or Student Number below and click on 'Continue'
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions that apply to using and accessing UWS IT services
  3. Click on the link to 'Activate MyUWSAccount', complete the form including entering your password and secret question and answer, then click the 'Activate' button. If successful you should receive a message telling you that you were successful in activating your account.


Manage your MyUWSAccount

If you have already accepted the Terms and Conditions and Activated your MyUWSAccount, you can now enter your MyUWSAccount ID and click on 'Continue' to Manage your MyUWSAccount.

Manage MyUWSAccount enables you to check your MyUWSAccount status, reset your password and update your secret question and answer.

For Example : M1234567 or 99991111

Additional self-service information can be found at MyIT Portal.

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